The VISION of the Way of Life Church

It is our desire to build a movement of people that transcends ethnic and economic backgrounds, unified in the love of Christ, and living sacrificially to see that movement grow by attracting and challenging the world around them to do the same.

The VALUES of The Way of Life Church

Our values are:

  • Prayer – we participate in fellowship with God and seek His direction through prayer
  • Preach and Teach Scripture – we teach from the Bible and apply it to our everyday lives
  • Worship – we gather together in exciting, spirit-filled celebrations of Jesus
  • Obedience – we seek to faithfully apply God’s word to our lives
  • Evangelism – we spread the Good News of Jesus through our words and actions
  • Community – we demonstrate and promote Christ-like love with our family, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and the world


What Makes Us Different?

At The Way of Life Church we consider every member as family and we celebrate what God is doing in the lives of family members every day of the week.  Ministry at The Way of Life Church is an every day way of life.

Our everyday ministries include:

Life Groups

Life Groups (LGs) are the lifeline of the church where we come together as a family in small groups throughout the community.  LGs are not merely a Bible study or prayer group; we also live life together.  We connect throughout the week to give each other encouragement and support.  Our LGs allow us to grow together, love together and serve together with each other, our neighbors and our community.  See the Life Groups tab for the general areas where our current LGs are being held.

Relational Discipleship

Relational Discipleship involves actively looking out for opportunities to reach out to others who do not know Christ and walking with them in a mentoring relationship to know and grow in Jesus.  We want every person at The Way of Life Church to be mentoring someone else while being mentored themselves to grow in their faith and love of Christ.

Weekend Gatherings

Weekend Gatherings are the times we come together as a big family and celebrate what God is doing throughout the week in the life of the church and community.  We worship, pray and learn together as we are equipped to live our lives according to God’s word.


What to Expect

The Way of Life Church is a church for everyone.  We welcome those who attend church regularly and those who don’t.  It’s a church where everyone, regardless of their race, income, age or religious background can come.

Our Weekend Gatherings are held every Sunday where we come together to connect with one another, celebrate, learn and worship through music, teaching, and sharing.

The Word of God is taught in a way that is easy to understand and easy to apply to our lives.  Our Gatherings are fun and exciting while also being uplifting and relevant.

Come as you are!  Our services are casual and our dress is too.  


Look below directions to our Services.

Mailing Address:

Address:  11601 Shadow Creek Parkway #111-561

City: Pearland, TX 77584